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VIKING IBA (12 - 50)

VIKING IBA (12 - 50)

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The VIKING IBA (Inflatable Buoyant Apparatus) Liferaft  is a rugged and durable safety craft solution for use on commercial vessels operating in US coastal waters. Ensuring that on-board evacuees are kept safe and out of contact with the water, the VIKING IBA is an excellent and fully USCG compliant alternative to traditional life floats and rigid buoyant apparatus that may keep evacuees afloat but allow partial immersion.


  • USCG approved
  • Dry-shod evacuation (robust flooring arrangement placed between two buoyancy chambers)
  • Fully reversible
  • Extremely durable - made from heavy-duty natural rubber
  • Award winning boarding ramp for easy access

Storage and installation:

  • Durable low profile or round fiberglass container
  • Matching galvanized cradles, racks and ramps (for easy installation with minimal deck footprint)

Weight and dimensions:


  • Complete range of VIKING safety solutions (sourcing, servicing, installation, training and financing)


  • Safe, rugged, cost efficient and hassle free solutions from A to Z
  • Market leader advice for selecting the right equipment
  • Several customizable product and servicing packages available
  • Supported by the global VIKING service station network
  • Fast delivery
  • Flexible financing options
  • Two year warranty

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