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VIKING Liferaft (4 - 6)

VIKING Liferaft (4 - 6)

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This VIKING Liferaft is a rugged and USCG compliant rescue solution for use on commercial vessels operating in coastal waters.

Made to the same high standards as VIKING SOLAS approved liferafts and enclosed by a high visibility canvas canopy, the liferafts are extremely durable and offer extra protection to evacuees against spray, wind and rain. This way, the VIKING Liferaft is a perfect solution for vessels operating in regions with a cold climate or frequent exposure to severe weather conditions.


  • USCG approved
  • Suitable for 4 or 6 persons
  • Made to the same high standards as VIKING SOLAS approved open-water liferafts
  • 4 ballast bags for stability
  • Dry-shod evacuation (robust, insulated flooring arrangement and two buoyancy chambers)
  • Extremely durable - made from heavy-duty natural rubber
  • High visibility double canopy for increased weather protection
  • Award winning boarding ramp system for easy access
  • Extra strength closure
  • Extra large opening
  • Compact and portable
  • Coastal emergency pack

Storage and installation:

  • Light and water resistant valise or durable low profile fiberglass container
  • Matching galvanized cradles, racks and ramps (for easy installation with minimal deck footprint)

Weight and dimensions:

    Alternative products:

    • VIKING IBA liferafts (4 – 25 person capacity)

    Why VIKING?

    • Safe, rugged, cost efficient and hassle free solutions from A to Z
    • Market leader advice for selecting the right equipment
    • Several customizable product and servicing packages available
    • Supported by the global VIKING service station network
    • Fast delivery
    • Flexible financing options
    • Two year warranty

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