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Which survival craft solution is right for you?

VIKING has all hands on deck to provide safer out-of-the-water survival craft solutions for all vessels operating in U.S. coastal waters. This includes commercial fishing vessels affected by the upgraded USCG survival craft safety regulations.

But which solution is right for your vessel?


Step 1: Select your Vessel Category

First of all, VIKING has divided its range of USCG approved solutions across three primary vessels categories likely to operate in US coastal waters:

First of all, simply select your vessel category from the front page to access an overview of the survival craft options relevant to you.

Step 2: Rescue Capacity

Depending on the number of crew members and passengers your vessel is approved to carry - select one or more VIKING survival craft to match.

VIKING supplies USCG approved coastal survival craft with a capacity from 4 to 150 persons.

Step 3: Type of Survival Craft

Both VIKING IBA and Coastal Liferafts are classified as 'dry-shod' (out-of-the-water) survival craft and are approved according to USCG regulations. Basically, this means that they ensure that no part of an individual evacuated following a vessel emergency need to be immersed in water, while waiting for rescue.

There can be certain situations where the VIKING Coastal Liferaft would be a better choice. For example, this is the case when vessel operations mostly take place in regions characterized by cold temperatures and harsh weather or climatic conditions. The insulated floor and canopy provide additional protection against the elements.

While providing a perfectly safe, efficient and suitable survival craft solution, VIKING IBA liferafts are best suited for use in fair weather conditions where relatively fast rescue is expected.

Step 4: Storage Options

A range of storage options, all designed for easy installation, safe stowage and a minimal deck footprint, are available for all vessel types. Round fiberglass containers are used for storing large IBA and can be combined with rack and ramp options. Flat, low profile containers with matching deck cradles or easy to carry valises are available for smaller IBA and coastal liferafts.

VIKING experts are on call to help you select the right storage option?